Plant Biotechnology

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Plant Biotechnology Strategic Business Unit performs basic and applied R&D activities along with modern applications in its filed in order to prevent agricultural crop losses, to obtain plants resistant to stress conditions and to identify genetic resources on the basis of genes and proteins, in accordance with national priorities. It employs new generation technologies to obtain molecular markers for developing plant genotypes resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses, to identify gene expressions under varying stress conditions with transcriptomic and proteomic approaches, to determine new gene sources involved in stress mechanisms and to characterize them structurally/functionally. Also, it aims to turn the gene transfer studies and plant-tissue culture system applications into value-added products for the economy of Turkey. It cooperates with other public research institutions, universities and private sector entities at national and international level to determine, protect, evaluate and characterize the local plant gene resources for selecting super quality plant genotypes in order to shorten the periods of classical approach applications and improve the chance of success in plant breeding programs. Also, it offers analysis and consulting services to public and private sector organizations in the fields of plant biotechnology and molecular genetics.

The Plant Biotechnology Strategic Business Unit carries out its activities with its 7 personnel (6 PhD researchers and 1 technician) working at the Plant Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory.

Fields of Activity and Interest

  • Characterization of national plant genetic resources
  • Productivity and quality improvement by molecular approaches
  • Elucidation of molecular mechanisms related to biotic/abiotic stresses
  • Molecular marker assisted breeding programs
  • Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses under varying stress conditions
  • Plant tissue culture and gene transfer systems
  • Alternative energy sources (plants and algae)