Medical Biotechnology

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Medical Biotechnology Strategic Business Unit has both the technological infrastructure and the expert research personnel leading advanced and innovative R & D activities. The Unit provides high-quality solutions and pursues projects for both the industry and public organizations to meet national needs with its know-how and technological background.

Currently, there are 14 Ph.D. researchers and 2 technicians in the Medical Biotechnology Strategic Unit. 

Medical Biotechnology Strategic Business Unit is composed of 4 laboratories:

  1. Bionanotechnology Laboratory
  2. Molecular Cellular Biology Laboratory
  3. Immunogenetic Laboratory
  4. Vaccine Technology Laboratory

The main activities of the Medical Biotechnology Strategic Business Unit are:

  • The production of diagnostic molecules
  • Development of therapeutic antibodies and biosimilar recombinant antibodies
  • Advanced genome and proteome studies
  • Vaccine immunology
  • Vaccine carriers/adjuvants
  • T-cell exhaustion
  • Immune regulation
  • Biopolymers for therapeutic applications
  • Synthesis of micro/nanoparticles containing therapeutic agents
  • Development of novel synthetic drug molecules
  • Drug delivery systems for cancer therapy 
  • Non-viral gene delivery
  • Fluorescence studies for protein, biomembrane and cellular interactions
  • Biophysical characterization of antibodies and novel nanocarriers and in vitro transfection studies
  • Tissue engineering
  • Production of peptides
  • Development of hemostatic agents for medical applications
  • In vitro and in vivo toxicology, nanotoxicology
  • Evaluation of bioactivity and biocompatibility of pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and medical devices
  • Phage display technology
  • Peptide library screening
  • Development of  bifunctional antibodies, human and humanized recombinant antibodies
  • Characterization of drug molecules as chemotherapeutic agents
  • Studying the mechanism of action of action of novel drug molecules