Animal Biotechnology

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Animal Biotechnology Strategic Business conducts high-quality basic and applied research activities related to animal reproduction (IVF, nuclear transfer, ICSI) as well as production of transgenic animals to investigate molecular mechanisms of human and animal diseases. Utilization of animal bio-banks (embryo, cell, DNA) established to improve breeds and functional characterization of genes by using genomic/proteomic approaches are the future-planned working areas of the unit.

Apart from the above mentioned studies, the unit actively conducts research studies on the production of diagnostic systems for the detection of disease-causing agents (bacteria, viruses, toxins etc); disease markers (hormones, proteins etc) and water, food, feed and environment contaminants (mycotoxins, drug residues, antibiotics, pesticides etc).

Animal Biotechnology Strategic Business Unit is composed of two groups:

1. Animal Genetics and Reproduction Biology Laboratory

2. Diagnostics Technology Laboratory

Research Interests;

  • Transgene technology (transgenic animal production)
  • Animal genetics, genomics and proteomics studies (gene bank and genome research)
  • Reproductive biotechnology (assisted fertilization techniques)
  • Mammalian cell culture technology (somatic cell and embryonic cell studies)
  • Diagnostic Technologies (ELISA, FIA, CELISA, flow cytometric tests, strip tests, immunochromatographic tests, immunobiosensors)
  • Preparation of immunogenic antigens
  • Monoclonal / polyclonal antibody production (Hybridoma technology and recombinant technology)
  • Experimental animal production
  • Toxicity and biocompatibility studies on experimental animals

Animal Biotechnology Strategic Business Unit has a total of 11 researchers (9 with Ph.D., 2 with M.Sc.) and two technicians.