Immunogenetics Laboratory

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Immunogenetics Laboratory is Turkey's first laboratory to develop recombinant antibodies by using Phage Display technology. In its 20-year history, several important projects have been developed, and many recombinant antibodies for diagnosis and treatment have been produced. Patent applications have been submitted for peptides, and recombinant antibodies whose anti-angiogenic properties were demonstrated by in vitro and in vivo studies. The project intended to produce national biosimilar drug molecule for cancer treatment has been started under the supervision of our laboratory. The scope of this project is to produce a biosimilar anticancer drug for the treatment of metastatic colorectal, head and neck cancer by using completely local resources.

Furthermore, in the scope of "Development of diagnostic kits for the diagnosis of Hepatitis B infection using serological and molecular techniques" project, recombinant HBsAg was produced and purified in mammalian cells. In another project, related to vaccine development, recombinant mouse antibodies were developed against the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and produced in bacteria cells.


• Biotechnological drug (Biopharmaceutics) development

  • Development and production of biosimilar recombinant antibody structures
  • Production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in mammalian and bacterial cells
  • Phage display technology
  • Peptide library screening.
  • Targeted immunotherapeutic applications

• Antibody Engineering

  • Development of human and humanized recombinant antibodies
  • Development of recombinant antibodies (Fab, ScFv, nanobody, VH, VL)
  • Development of recombinant bifunctional antibodies

• Physico-chemical characterization of antibodies

in vitro Biological activity identification of antibodies

• Diagnostic/Monitoring Technology

  • Development of recombinant antibodies for in vitro and in vivo applications
  • SPR based biosensor studies