Enzyme and Fermentation Technology Laboratory

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  • Microbial Process Technologies
  • Immobilized Enzyme and Microorganism Technology
  • Determination of Microbial Diversity
  • Enzyme Engineering and Technologies
  • Microbial Proteomics

The objective of the laboratory is to carry out research on microbial biotechnology area with high international impact in collaboration with industrial companies, universities, governmental and private research laboratories. In addition, development of new industrial projects with small medium enterprises (SMEs), providing consultancy service to industrial companies which use enzyme and fermentation technology extensively are other objectives of the group. Another objective is to establish a National Microbial Collection Centre for microorganisms isolated from local environments and their genetic materials. The group has completed a considerable amount of work for the production of industrially important enzymes by using isolated microorganisms, characterization of enzymes, development of stabilization and formulation programs for the enzyme producing and utilizing companies in Turkey and abroad, carrying out research programs on novel enzymes and novel microbial genetic sources and also executing industrial projects.