Diagnostic Technologies Laboratory

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Research Interests  

  • Cell culture systems,
  • Production and characterization of monoclonal  and polyclonal antibodies,
  • Purification of antibody and proteins,
  • ELISA systems,
  • Labelling of antibodies
  • Development of diagnostic kits based on antibody/antigen
  • Production of anti-idiotype antibodies

The Laboratory is mainly working on production of monoclonal antibodies against various human, plant and animal pathogens (bacteria and virus), proteins and steroid hormones, food, feed and environmental contaminants by using hibridoma technology. Different immune diagnostic kits and immunoassay systems based on monoclonal antibodies have been developed. In addition, basic and applied studies in epitope analyses and increasing of vaccine efficiency using antibodies have been performed are being carried out. In Diagnostic Technologies Laboratory, a number of hibridoma cells producing monoclonal antibodies have been developed and ELISA-based prototypes of immunodiagnostic kits have been prepared. Most of the work has been reported and published in scientific journals and meetings. The products developed in these studies have been introduced into application by various biotechnological companies. The laboratory utilizes such modern methods such as fusion of cultured cells (formation of a hibridoma), cloning of hibridoma cells, ELISA, electrophoresis, immunoblotting and chromatography techniques for the purification and characterization of monoclonal antibodies, labelling of antibodies.