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  • Immunization of mice
  • Tests for Anticore Response (ELISA)         

Animal Husbandry

  • Mouse
  • Rat       

Production of Experimental Animals Embryos (Fresh Or Frozen)  

  • Zygote   
  • Morula and embriyos in other developmental stages   

Preparation of Frozen Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts   

  • 1 vial (2.106 / ml)        

Toxicity Tests Of Cell Culture Media Using Mouse Embryos 

  • Based on cell culture media

“ISO 10993 - Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices” Test Services

  • Skin Sensitization (ISO 10993-10, Guine Pig Max.Test)
  • Irritation or intracutaneous reactivity test (ISO 10993-10)
  • Acute Systemic Toxicity Test ( ISO 10993-11) 
  • Subchronic Systemic Toxicity Test (ISO 10993-11)       
  • Test for Genotoxicity (OECD 471)          
  • Implantation (ISO 10993-6)
  • Test for in vitro Cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5)         

Tests For Chemicals And Cosmetics 

  • Acute Oral Toxicity (OECD TG 423) 
  • In vitro EpiDerm™ Skin Irritation Test (SIT)       
  • In vitro EpiDerm Skin Corrosion Test (SCT)      
  • In vitro Test Method for Identifying  Ocular Corrosives and Severe Irritants – Fluorescein Leakage (OECD TG 460)  
  • İn vivo Acute Eye Irritation/Corrosion (OECD TG 405)       
  • In vitro Skin Sensitization: Local Lymph Node Assay: DA (OECD TG 442A)        
  • Skin Sensitization Test: Local Lymph Node Assay: BrdU-ELISA (OECD TG 442B)       
  • İn vitro 3T3 NRU Phototoxicity Test (OECD TG 432)     
  • Acute Oral Toxicity – Single Dose (OECD TG 420)
  • Repeated Dose 28-day Oral Toxicity Study (OECD TG 407)  
  • Genotoxicity - In vitro Comet Assay     
  • Embryotoxicity/Teratogenicity Test – Test for Embryonic Stem Cell (EST), (INVITTOX no113)      

Measurements of DNAa Concentration  

  • Visualization by Agarose Gel Electrophoresis     
  • DNA measurements by 2µl sample       
  • Identification of size, mass and quality of DNA  (range 25-1000 bp)
  • Identification of size, mass and quality of DNA  (range 100-12000 bp) 

DNA Sequencing

  • Preparation of template DNA purification + sequencing    
  • DNA sequencing       
  • Purification of template DNA + sequencing        
  • Data Analysis by Bioinformatic Tools